1. Visit (link opens in new window so that you can still view these instructions)

2. On the USER LOGIN area, click on “Create new account” 

3. Fill in the required information. ATTENTION: You must fill in your REAL data, otherwise, your registration WILL BE REJECTED! (Of course, you can use any username you wish! ) 

4. Once you have registered, you will see the menu that is available to registered users. Click on “Available Tournaments”. Then, click on “2014 Yamada Cup Greece”.

5. Congratulations! You can now see all the categories that are available to you, according to your sex, age, weight and grade! Just click the ones you want to compete in! 

Note: you should select either “ONLY 1 DAY” or “BOTH DAYS”, as far as the seminars are concerned! 

Note: If you are not a karateka, if you are a parent for instance, you simply don’t have to select any categories. You can still select your Hotel or any other available events though. 

Note: If you intend to come with your family and there are many members of the family, please, make sure that you register SEPARATELY for each and every member of your family. 

Note: You can always CLICK on a category and read more details about it. Usually everything is already mentioned in the title, but in some cases, there is more info within! If you face ANY troubles, please, do not hesitate to get in contact with us using our contact form!

6. Select your hotel of preference. In this case, for this tournament, only “Marilena Hotel” is available. The price, as mentioned before, is only 60 € / day / person, on an ALL INCLUSIVE programme, offering you full meals and as many drinks as you like (the catalogue of drinks is limited to certain types however). In the price, the 1 day excursion, the welcome dinner and the sayoonara party are also INCLUDED! 

7. Please, enter your day of arrival and day of departure for the hotel. Likewise, enter your flight details (day & time of arrival/departure, flight Numbers, so that we can pick you up from and to the airport!)

8. Hit “Save”. And that’s it! You will automatically receive an e-mail confirmation about your registration! If you have made any error on your profile, you can always go to “My Profile”, click on “Edit” and correct your data! If you have made any error on your subscriptions, you can always go to “My Subscriptions”, click on “Edit” and correct your data!

ATTENTION: Once you have registered to the 2014 YAMADA CUP, please DO NOT use the menu “Available Tournaments” again, or else you will subscribe twice this way.